Cygnotic Evolution

Markus Lindwurm, creator of the electronic act Cygnotic, grew up within the Zeitgeist of the legendary pioneers of electronic and progressive music. So from the early beginnings he was shaped fundamentally by art-music like Rush, Pink Floyd, Marillion and Saga. Also at this age of musical awakening the early masterpieces in synthesized sound from Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream came along. These milestones in sequenced sound evoke an everlasting devotion for synthetic music ... opening and shaping the musical future mind in between this dualistic balance from dark-lightened moods that can be found throughout the Cygnotic compositions.

Starting out with electronic music very early during the golden days of 8-Bit and Commodore 64 in Mid-80ies with ProTracker-Sequencer and one of the first Samplers on the market. Soon PC and Cubase followed.

1998 the first album ‘Wavelenghts Of Mental Transendence’ came to life. A dualistic early creation that contrasts the listener into dualistic poles of drum- and bassline-orientated  'Pulsating Spheres' and ambient 'Chilling Fields', where melancholic harmonies for contemplation are incarnated. A raw, mostly live-studiorecorded unique mixture of Trance and Chillout-Ambient. The album was self-released under the formerly used artist name ‘Cygnotic Realm’.

After a ten yeared haul ‘Cygnotic’ started again to work seriously on a new album. ‘Reflections From The Future’ was the epic result. ‘Reflections’ shows a clear progress in synthetic structures and sound quality. The influences of Jean-Michel and Tangerine Dream are more visible bringing them from the golden analog era to a new mixed up form for the platinum millenium. Pure epic space electronica from synth-classical sounds up to psychedelic, tribal and dark melancholic arrangements; always balancing the liquid line of bright light and moody darkness.

The same year 2008 brought up the add-on EP ‘Space Harmonics’ that featured three versions (extended, album, clubmix) of this epic track as well as two more bonus tracks.

2010 the album ‘Through The Gates Of Nocturnal Sleep’ shows more of a gloomy introverted and profound Cygnotic side. The album concept involves the theme of an inner catharsis undergone during the transition from life to death – coming home. This internal landscapes of the mind underlay the ‘Nocturnal Sleep’-album with all the typical mood-evoking Cygnotic aspects of time, eternalness, melancholia, euphoria, harmonics, resonance and all those pulsating elements floating within; densely packed with familiar ‚cygnotic‘ fabrics of synthesizers and epic electronica-compositions that take the listener on an intensifying ride through a dark layered passage into the light.

It's seems that these rather decades and ostensible looong hibernations are a cygnotic feature ;-) Again it took 9 years to bring the newest and so far most ambitious work to light. 6th september 2019 the monumental 'Cygns' entered the stage. 9 songs that were created within this period but eratically and seriously worked out, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered within the first mid-year of 2019. A well balanced epic and massive production with a mixture of analog and digital.

After the positively acclaimed 2019 release 'Cygns' with 'Mortal Dreamers' the new 2023 follow up emerges from the neon vaults of the digital domain. This atmospheric and epic fifth longplayer promises to transport listeners to a nostalgic and yet futuristic realm, where pulsating synths, retro-futuristic vibes and neon-drenched melodies coalesce into a sonic experience for retro and yet pro-gressive devotees of electronic music. CYGNOTIC captures and extends the timeless epic moods of the golden analog synth-era in an evocative and modern mixed up style to an uplifted new crea-tion where Origin Synthesizer Music meets with Berlin School, Trance, Future Pop, Synthwave as well as Electronic Wave and New Retro Wave.


Cygnotic Sidechains

Eyes Turned Skyward
Within the period of february 2009 to november 2011 Markus Lindwurm (under the name 'Skydragon') is also member and co-founder of the full electronic trio ‘Eyes Turned Skyward’ with the co-members Armin Dörfler and Matthias Köhler. The concept was to play only live without given or prepared schemes or patterns. Everything happened in the moment of playing. A few live-concerts as well as more than 25 studio-live-sessions where recorded, some more than 7 hours without interruption,  Within this three years the combo released six download albums; a seventh & eighths album were post-released in 2012, more to come for sure because of the inexhaustible pool of material. After a long hibernate Eyes Turned Skyward started as the essential triad again in 2018 to work together.
Eyes Turned Skyward - Extracted Skies

2020 Armin Dörfler alias ‘AD’ as well as Markus Lindwurm alias ‘Cygnotic’ combined forces for a retro-new synthwave act CYADS to live out their love for the 80ies. On their debut 4-track-EP ‘Dawnload3r‘ you can experience the spirit of this darklighted neon era. 
'Dawnload3r' marks their first release in this duo constellation and offers a bracing crossing of catchy neat melodies and yet moody vibes blended into phat analog retro-lines with a melancholic sentiment. Reawakening the sentimental spirit of these time of rising computer technology in a restrospective epic way is an expectable side-effect for the nostalgic and yet sophisticated listener of these 4 electrifying tracks. CYADS sets you back in time of these irresistible eighties synthvibes within a contemporary interpretation of this black chrome era to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

CYADS - Dawnload3r
Time Pilots
Black Chrome Era
They Live On
Neuromancer’s Cyberspace

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