progressed synthtrance from Munich/Germany

The synth-trance-project CYGNOTIC of Munich-based Musician/Producer Markus Lindwurm stands for timeless atmospheric synthesizer compositions and epic melodies in between traditional electronic arrangements und progressed electronic listening.

CYGNOTIC captures and extends the timeless epic moods of the golden analog synth-era in an evocative and modern mixed up style to an uplifted sublime creation for the next platinum electronic millennium. The influences of diverse electronic styles like Origin Synthesizer Music, Progressive Trance, Future Pop as well as Electronic Wave and Berlin School are combined in a synthesized self-contained melange of legendary old-school sounds and at the same time contemporary beats and sequencerlines. Therefore the melodic and often melancholic element is essential and characteristic for the 'cygnotic sound'...evolving in harmonic resonance with the progressed electronic listener.

Enthusiasts of synthetic aroused sounds will certainly detect musical influences of electronic old-school masters like Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk as well from contemporary electronics like VNV Nation that are proudly visible without ever losing its own ‘cygnotic’ identity and character. Furthermore Cygnotic fills the gap between traditional electronic arrangements and progressed electronic listening without sounding dated. A passage through the last four decades of electronic sequenced music resulting in the next sublime dimension of gripping melodic electronic music where time melts away in a state of euphoric melancholy.

By the way...what does 'Cygnotic' actually mean?

Cygnotic - a state or a statement?

Well, both I guess...
'Cygnotic' can stand adjectively as a balanced blend of being...
...kinetic, epic, cymatic, dramatic, melancholic, euphoric ... and last not least electronic.

At the same time 'Cygnotic' can also be used as an abstraction; a self-contained made-up term or expression for being, well ...just cygnotic! Self-defined as well as a state of mind. Furthermore like 'Logic', 'Gothic' or 'Epic' noun and adjective melt into one single conceptual domain; so is 'Cygnotic' - balancing the dualistic human hemispheres of logic and emotion into one single unified musical resonance.

Anyway, Cygnotic is imaginary - a devised linguistic creation by the van Lyntwyrm mind - so anything works the way we resonate and respond to...
Pronounce it as "sai" /saignɒt.ik/ like in "psy-chedelic".

© Cygnotic Music / Markus Lindwurm