Mortal Dreamers

Mortal Dreamers


(C) 2023 Cygnotic Music

1. Skyfront
2. Memory Escape
3. Mortal Dreamers
4. Realms of Gold
5. Ten Forward
6. Perfect World
7. Waverunner

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Mortal Dreamers WalkThrough

7-track WalkThrough PromoSnippets

  Mortal Dreamers

Prepare to embark on a captivating synthmusic journey. CYGNOTIC is not new to the electronic scene. After the positively acclaimed 2019 release 'Cygns' with 'Mortal Dreamers' the new follow up album emerges from the neon vaults of the digital domain. This atmospheric and epic fifth album promises to transport listeners to a nostalgic and yet futuristic realm, where pulsating synths, retro-futuristic vibes, and neon-drenched melodies coalesce into a sonic experience for retro and yet progressive devotees of electronic music.
'Mortal Dreamers' invites synthmusic enthusiasts, retro aficionados, and electronic music lovers alike to embark on an extraordinary auditory voyage. The album showcases CYGNOTIC's signature blend of infectious melodies, driving rhythms, and rich synth textures, providing an unforgettable listening experience that will transport fans back and forth in time.
Embracing a cinematic approach to composition, 'Mortal Dreamers' creates vivid sonic landscapes that evoke feelings of nostalgia, wonder and limitless possibility. With each pulsating bassline, soaring melody, and ethereal arrangement, listeners are transported to an alternate reality.
With an unmatched passion for the essence beyond the 80s and a dedication for pushing the boundaries of the synth genre, CYGNOTIC is poised to revolutionize the synthwave landscape. Led by composer and producer Markus Lindwurm, this immersive project captures the essence of the past while infusing it with a modern futuristic flair, resulting in a sound that is both familiar and innovative. Inspired by the iconic sounds of the 80s and driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of the genre, CYGNOTIC crafts immersive sonic experiences that transport listeners into the digital grid of buzzing transistors and soaring waveforms. With the fifth album, 'Mortal Dreamers' set for release june 2023, CYGNOTIC promises to enrich the synthesizer music landscape and captivate audiences worldwide.


© Cygnotic Music / Markus Lindwurm