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Cygnotic: Through The Gates Of Nocturnal Sleep

Through The Gates Of Nocturnal Sleep

available for download

A gloomy epic passage through the elysian hour between life and death packed with familiar ‚cygnotic‘ fabrics of synthesizers and dense electronic-compositions that take the listener on an intensifying ride through a dark layered passage into the light. The compositions range from classical old-school-associated synthesizer-hymns over to progressive psytrance-colored and electrogoth-saturated dancefloortracks up to smooth floating, narrative and some-times quite unusual creations. The album concept involves the philosophical leitmotif of an inner catharsis undergone during the transition from life to death – coming home. The album escorts through these gloomy gates of nocturnal sleep.

'Through The Gates'
a gloomy passage through the elysian hour
'Nocturnal Sleep'
...beyond the Gates - memento mori

Cygnotic: Reflections from the Future

Reflections from the Future

available for download

The 73:40 minute full-length album 'Reflections From The Future' (Erinnerungen an die Zukunft) is an enthralling journey through space. The trancelike and transfigured ambient parts are diversified by the melodic driven pulsating arrangements keeping the tracks fresh, organic and alive. Sublime analogue moods, pulsating sequencerlines and brizzling space sceneries meet with tribal grooves, overtoned synthleads and deep moody pads crossing the fields of ambient, psychedelic, trance, classical synthesizers, berlin school and even dark wave in a unique electronic way.


'Space Harmonics'
Can you feel Cygnus-X1 roaming gently out there?
Science vs. Fiction vs. Myth - enjoy your dimensional Psy-Ride

Cygnotic: Space Harmonics

Space Harmonics EP

available for download

Re-enjoy the harmonies of the multiverse. Drift beyond the outbounds of common regions and feel the humble harmonics roaming in every interwoven string within. 'Space Harmonics (EP)' is created to procreate resonance. Pure true electronica beyond the meaning of time and space! Elevate your soundcrafts my noble Cyonauts and download your harmonic unit at the CDBaby Cygnotic-Store for a fair Cy-Trade. Furthermore surely also available at all other known distribution stations. Let's ride this epic galactic circle once again! BE the resonance! Faithfully, Cy

High above the stratospheres, humble, in awe, without fear...stratosfearless
Visualizing the seperate synth layers and pulsating structures of the wavelengths